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of tornadoes so far with damage being reported from indiana all the way, southbound, in to alabama and leak you said, many tornado watches out right now and this severe threat goes right through the evening, cold front, still, all the way back near st. louis. so, until that moves through we have the possibility of seeing not only tornadoes but damaging winds and reports of over 100 miles per hour and very large hail. and reports of softball sized hail. all the ingredients coming together like i mentioned, justy air, potent jet stream, and an intense low pressure system, and believe it or not on the back end of the low it is snowing around madison, milwaukee, and chicago likely to see a fewibls of snow. and now, the cities that will be most prone to seeing severe weather through the evening, toward cincinnati, southbound to nashville and western west virginia throughout the overnight. >>neil: and now one of the areas harvest hit, mike tobin is if harrisburg, illinois, where heavy winds have been knocking out the camera. and now we he joins us from the phone. mike, what does it look like? >>guest
day of dangerous weather in ohio and the tennessee valley. much of indiana, missouri, kentucky are in danger. there has been a tornado emergency reported in madison county. we have live pictures of a menacing sky. the national and louisville. let's bring in chad myers at the cnn atlanta center. what is the latest? >> it goes all the way from illinois all the way down to georgia, alabama, as far west as louisiana and far north as virginia. on the backside, it's snowing up in squad cities. that's not atypical. you need cold air to clash. a couple areas still on the ground, to the north of chattanooga by bradley and north of cleveland in tennessee. and then another couple storms here popping up, not that far from cape girardo. that is harrisburg, illinois. right in the middle of a new tornado watch. that town that got hit so hard a couple of days ago. all of this area is under severe weather today. there will be a severe thunderstorm watch, tornado watch, and many warnings going through the night and probably into 10:00, 11:00 tonight. >> that means, keep it tuned here to cnn. cha
boxes here, parts of tennessee and kentucky, and maybe indiana, and ohio, also, that is the bull's i didn't. it will happen probably in the next three or four hours. there will be numerous tornadoes on the ground. we are seeing that across areas of the ohio river valley, harrisburg to the west of that they will clear out here. and the storm they had there today not as bad as in the east. you can see the cells lining up, exploding cross the same areas. to the north of louisville, cutting right around evansville, pretty big founds and in louisville a lot of rotation so that is scary. a big area under threat here. you can see all of this red, the moderate risk and this morning, a high risk. they do this less than ten times a year with that kind of a threat but it includes cincinnati, through louisville, lexington, and around the nashville area under a high risk for tornadoes. very rough situation on our hands and it will go in to the overnight hours toward the eastern side of this and. and headed in to the carolinas and the bull's eye right across the ohio river valley. >>shepard: watch
in that area sent several people to the hospital. >> officials in clark county, indiana say one town is completely gone. so far no deaths have been reported from today's weather. it comes as some residents are still cleaning up from the storm system that killed 13 people earlier this week. >> and that same storm system is bringing rain to the washington area. >> it could bring us some thunderstorms. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is on top of it in storm center 4. doug? >> just an update on that. some sad news. we are learning now of fatalities down in indiana, kentucky, and now down into portions of tennessee, too. we'll continue to watch this really devastating scenario play out into that portion of the country. for us it is not going to be that bad. really i don't expect to see any severe weather around our area. here is storm 4 radar showing where the heaviest rain is around washington and over toward the east. we're talking about our anne arundel county, prince george's county, between bowie over toward crofton along route 50 and interstate 97 seeing fairly heavy rain. straig
with a tube in her throat to help her breathe. >>> also in indiana, a rescue of the four-legged variety. >> this is trigger. >> trigger and tyson were found hiding in the rubble of their owner's home in henryville. and one official says there is, quote, total devastation in parts of the surrounding county. 15 deaths have been reported so far across the state. . -- captions by vitac -- >>> this is "cnn saturday morning." it's march 3rd, and i'm david mattingly. tornadoes shred through the midwest and south killing more than 30 people, and there is a new threat of storms today. >>> then in two hours washington state republicans will officially select who they think should go up against barack obama. could ron paul finally win one? >>> bus t we begin with the ferocious killer storms that went through the midwest and southern u.s. at least 32 people are dead. now the frantic search is on for survivors, and there are new threat this morning of more severe weather. the monster storm stretched from the deep south, alabama, across the border into tennessee and all t
for the folks in this part of the country. jim is on the ground in indiana where he's watching the latest developments there. there's also reports of tornadoes touching down in illinois. we're working to confirm all of this. we know there's some dangerous weather on the horizon in several states. we'll keep you posted on what's happening there. >>> also, students at the ohio school where three classmates were killed have almost finished their first day of class. it was an motional return for the students that attend chardon high. >> it was like surreal when i walked into the cafe like a wave just hit me. i just felt something. it wasn't like a spirit. i didn't feel anything like that. i just felt something. just a wave of emotion. i was like this is where it happened. >> prosecutors have charged 17-year-old t.j. lane as a juvenile with three counts of murder. tomorrow a funeral will be held for 16-year-old daniel parmetor. a viewing is under way right now. kevin tibbles joins us now. describe this day for them. >> reporter: obviously, it's a very sad day and a sad time for this town and t
reporting from henryville, indiana, a town that was it lutterly devastated by friday's storms. >> i'm amy robach inside studio 1a. here's what we know. 31 dead, 14 in indiana, 14 in kentucky and three in ohio. that number is expected to rise today. authorities say it's difficult to determine how many people are missing as searchers struggle with the lack of electricity in many areas. >> reporter: more than 85 tornados were reported on friday. it was the second time in a week that storms swept across parts of the nation's midsection. ten states were under some kind of weather threat. the hardest hit areas are in southern indiana, kentucky, ohio, tennessee, and northern alabama. now, in terms of size, this storm system was enormous. we watched it building all day. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. it was so side that an estimated 34 million people were at risk for severe weather. that's according to the national weather service, amy. >> and, lester, you were just in harrisburg, illinois. and i know you arrived in henryville about an hour ago. can you describe where you ar
against the clock to find survivors still stuck in this rubble. we're live in indiana with the latest. >> dave: and mitt romney steals another victory taking the washington state caucuses. is this the momentum he needs just two days before super tuesday, clayton? >> thank you, dave. the next time you want to fly you may want to listen to your flight attendant and turn off your cell phone. how a passenger's blackberry causes chaos in the sky. are you paying attention? ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for waking up early with us, we know you want to know what happened through the midwest and the south. we begin with a fox news weather alert, the death toll from the twister outbreak is up to 38 people, and towns have been leveled and people's lives were destroyed in a blink of an eye. >> we looked through the back window in the basement and see the debris flying by and when it was done i, walked in the front porch and told the neighbor he'd lost his building. >> that man describing what he went through in piner, kentucky and we're hearing similar stories from all over the south an
the tornado uprooted homes in indiana, now under a blanket of snow. homeowners say the snow is soaking belongs they don't have left to save and could take weeks before the power is restored in indiana. that and more on this tuesday morning. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. we will get things started with lynette charles. >>> not a lot going on this morning. we got a couple of snow showers across the area. nothing sticking yesterday, though. the chill continues, temperatures will be below normal again, plenty of sunshine in the forecast and a surge of warm air and then we have rain by the end of the week. today is going to be a calm day. we are nice and dry. we have all five sweeps on scanning the skies. we are cold. temperatures coming in below average, 27 degrees now in to aberdeen. arnold 27. clarksville 25. a little bit on the gusty side yesterday afternoon in to the evening. those died down a bit and that's the good news as well. heading out and about, have the heavy coat. i will talk about the warm upcoming up. now a check of the traffic with angela. >>
. the latest storms hit indiana, ohio, kentucky and the deep south. you're looking at video which shows a huge tornado hitting henryville, indiana. authorities there say tornadoes wiped out some rural communities. and as you can see, some towns were just flattened. survivors describe it as complete destruction. coming up at 7:30, we'll have a live report from henryville, where a tornado leveled neighborhoods there and swept school buses into buildings. >>> this morning in san francisco a few dozen people who cannot afford health insurance will receive much- needed medical care. and some of these procedures will potentially save their lives. allie rasmus is live this morning at the kaiser perm a medical center in the city with more. >> reporter: we're outside kaiser hospital, and through these entrance doors here there are 30 people who are about to undergo surgery this morning for free. it's part of a program kaiser has been doing for nearly 20 years. this is video from past years called operation access, and the goal is to help low income and uninsured people in the community, there are lot o
of indianapolis is expected in gary indiana to help identify bones found near railroad tracks these skeletal remains were found by a man walking near the tracks along chase street on saturday night initial reports say those bonds are from a small child the friends together apologist is expected to arrive on the scene later today police said they hope he will shed light on that case >>after a two-year absence the south side irish parade returns with its original family friendly theme >>the parade kicked off at 103rd and western in beverly yesterday the last parade in 2009 was marred by fights and 54 arrests this year organizers hired private security and extra police to crack down on drinking along the route the parade itself was shorter with fewer floats at a crowd half the size of one person was arrested for public urination family and friends are gathering for the funeral of the corrections officer that was killed by a hit-and-run driver in lake county indiana last week there is a large police presence in hammond indiana for britany muex ... bob jordan is live everyone is here for her
in indiana where the girl was found. susan, so sad to hear this news. you have gotten a chance and you have spoken exclusively to the man who found her as we were getting this sad information. >> reporter: it is, indeed, so sad, especially because this really is a case and a story that captured everyone's heart. i think everyone that had heard about this family and little angel had been pulling for her at least to be, as you said, a symbol of hope, of survival. but now it appears that her injuries were just too much for that little one to overcome, and the family made a very difficult decision quite clearly. but i'm standing here, don, in the debris field, the aftermath of that tornado where it all happened. this twister when it came in on friday hit a field behind me. you can see where mainly mobile homes were located and the babcock family lived there, a family of five. a husband, a father and mother, ages 20, 21, and their three children. and a neighbor by the name of jason miller had convinced them to come hofover from their smal trailer to his double wide to take shelter. they hunkered
's heartland, it appears damaged in southern indiana and western kentucky. tornadoes killed at least 39 people and in all 52 people have been killed by tornadoes in the past week. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. amateur photographer captured one twister forming near a gas station. they say another tornado packed wind gusts up to 175 miles per hour. >>> also this morning, a 2-year-old girl is in critical condition. she is the only member of her immediate family to survive one of those deadly tornadoes. coming up in less than 10 minutes. a story of sadden and hope and the toddler named angel. >> in overnight news. an ac transit passenger was pursued in oakland. >> they were chasing after the driver and what they believe was a stolen mercedes beans. they per sued him -- mercedes-benz and they couldn't overtake him. the passengers bumped his head and he is okay. the suspect after crashing his car, he was caught by police. >>> a high speed chase overnight in concord ended with a chase at 2:00 on clayton road. police tried to stop the car and it kept going. speeds topped 90 mile
ycandiotti is standi in indiana where she's been following the developments and spoke exclusively to the man who found her. she's going to join us moments away. >>> in the meantime, this has been a day of taking stock for victims of that deadly rash of tornadoes that hit 11 states. many of them lost everything. the extreme weather now has claimed at least 39 lives in kentucky, indiana, ohio, and georgia. this is west liberty, kentucky. it seems that no corner of this small town was spared. homes annihilated. trees plucked out of the ground. there are scenes like this all over the midwest and south today. the death toll from friday's storms, it has risen to 21 in kentucky, but despite extensive damage, we're hearing remarkable stories of survival. jim spellman is in the town of west liberty. jim? >> reporter: on the outskirts of west liberty, kentucky, tornado survivors return home. >> this was your house. >> this was my house. yes. >> where's the house now? >> it's across the street in the parking lot. >> this pile of rubble is your house? >> yes. >> reporter: rose may only had moments to ma
more communities tonight. this is home video of a funnel cloud moving through pekin, indiana this evening. fox 5's laura evans in the newsroom watching the latest pictures come into the satellite center. . >> those tornado warnings are moving eastward tonight. there is late word severe weather has killed five people in kentucky, one person in ohio and at least 10 people are now dead from earlier storms today in southern indiana. that death toll is expected to rise. in fact, just as people were starting to clean up today from the last round of storms, mother nature hit again. >> i'm moving everybody inside in the mall. >> bring everybody inside. >> reporter: as tornado sirens blair in harrisburg, illinois, victims -- behavior in harrisburg, illinois, victims -- blare in harrisburg, illinois, people are running for cover. no one is taking any chances. >> my ticker is accelerating just slightly. >> the vault in the bank is secure in an interior wall. it's got a little extra reinforcement. so we're going to put them in there with the sirens going off. >> reporter: everyone is b
in the mid section the country. it was felt in indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee and missouri. a tornado dealt severe damage to the tourist town of branson. >> we stand ready to work with them, anything they need to make sure they are back up and operating. >> reporter: that's thursday's theme throughout the stricken region. getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping they don't see anything like it again. >> i hope and pray it doesn't come to me or anyone else i tell you, it's the worst experience of waking up to ever. >> reporter: the severe weather is not completely over yet. a forecast the storm is set to trigger more tore nateos from the ohio -- tornadoes from the ohio river valley to the tennessee river valley. sandra endo. back to you. >> the severity of the storms will be felt for days and weeks to come. how you can stay ahead of the storm we have you covered here at abc2. go to abc 2 and under neath the weather tab see tornado -- underneath the weather tab see tornado alley and go to the site for tornado alley live. the most accurate and up-to- date informati
and ohio and indiana two rounds of storm. first one the warm front and hail potential and 3:00 p.m. on the cold front we see the tornado threat beginning here in areas of western kentucky, western tennessee, then by about 6:00 pc.m., we should be the midst of our possible tornado outbreak later today and through central tennessee and central portion of kentucky and definitely northern alabama and through the overnight hours that is when we watch definitely a big wind threat down there into the southeast. so fars today goes, we're going to watch all of that severe weather and okay in the northeast and okay today in the middle of the country. that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. obviously, it's an active weather day anywhere from the tennessee valley to the ohio valley and down to the gulf coast. areas of louisiana could even see strong winds with storms late today right through mississippi and late tonight heading into georgia and the carolinas. we go through event like this probably maybe 20 times a year with these big mode
blanketed crushed houses in indiana, kentucky and tennessee, making the clean up from the tornado outbreak difficult. this new tape shows the furry of the twisters and the panic they caused. a memorial to are remember this family, including the 15- month-old who survived the tornado but later died. >> we loved all those kids. they were a young family, so good. >> reporter: in harrisburg, illinois, residents discovered picking up may help them heel. in missouri one family hi is taking the first steps to rebuild, this family is in the process of finding a new place to live after tossed from their mobile home by a tornado. as the family recovers from wounds, cody found something priceless. >> an engagement ring i gave my wife ten years ago. >> president obama will comfort the victims of another tornado, he will speak at joplin's high school commencement, the missouri town crippled by a tornado last may. >>> time for a check of the forecast. it's never something you want to glorify or talk about. when you see the video coming in of the funnel clouds it makes it more remarkable. >> i hate to
and into indiana and areas of ohio. we will watch that that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. areas in new england are still watching the exiting winter storm. kind of a wintry mess from boston to albany, springfield, mat, southern new hampshire and other areas of the east coast and midwest is just fine. looks like we are into one of those spring patterns. it's been so warm this winter, i guess it shouldn't be a big surprise that now we will start tracking tornadoes. >> scary weather out. appreciate you watching it. thanks. >>> big ben speaks and apple hits a new high and your chance to own the home court of a basketball icon. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, she grabbed the spotlight with her sometimes outrageous behavior but this morning, she is making headlines for a completely different reason. >>> coming up, a huge win for usa soccer and kobe bryant like you've never seen him before. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headli
in indiana refinery located in the northwest part of the statech the incident took place yesterday afternoon. authorities say it led to nitrous oxide and i'd row general sulfide emis. no word on how it could affect gas prices in that region. rising gas prices may put a hold on the president's clean energy initiativech the environmental protection agency may delay implementing clean he energy standards because those rules could lead to even higher gas prices. the obama administration said that the increase would only be a penny per gallon and not until 2017. >>> occupy wall street movement in new york city returned to where it began. officers arrested 74 protest he is and refused to let them take over zuccotti part. the overnight demonstration was six months after the occupy movement began. >> our rights and obligation to change the government and right we dislike the government. we need to change it. >> some of the protesters accused police of abuse. the occupy movement started as a protest against income in equality and corporate greed. >>> severe weather has taken aim in california. a muds
extends one day after covering much of downstate illinois and indiana. active season we have going. more about that and to the next storm possible impact on chicago also warm weather next week later in the weather segment. >> other news right now lawsuit filed today accusing hotel bartender drugging and assaulting a woman visiting chicago led unthinkable story getting worse. live with details >> 50 year old woman from virginia stank naperville and the area for a wedding in naperville she says drug at the hotel bar and sexually assaulted in her room claiming attacker used his own hotel key. 14 at page lawsuit filed in federal court accuses a hotel bartender of spiking her drink with date rape drug ghb says soon felt groggy return to room and passed out bartender allegedly got a key to the room from the front desk no questions asked in beijing on wanted to inappropriate sexual contact. >> she wakes up in the morning idea something happened something not right down the hotel manager says has not yet seen the lawsuit but aware of what it says. richard brink as accused bartender no longer b
touched down in kansas, missouri, kentucky, illinois, and indiana. harrisburg, it hit the town just before 5:00 a.m. this morning. eric gregg said despite the loss of life and praurptd, operty, his town will endure. the images are stunning and disturbing. can you tell me when you found out about this? what you heard this morning when you woke up to this? >> well, actually, this morning, the alarm was going off, sirens were going off about ten till 5:00. i woke up, got my family up. i went outside and was trying to assess where the tornado was coming at. we had heard it was imminent, and it was just a very eerie feeling. actually, the wind calmed, where i live at in the northern part of the city. it got very quiet, and during the sirens, you could hear the roar, and it was just a very eerie moment for me and my family. and immediately, the radios started going off saying the tornado was on the ground, reeking havoc on the southern part of the community, and my son and i got into the vehicle and came out here. we were here on the site within about 20 minutes of the tornado coming through. an
damaged or destroyed today and twisters touched down in kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana and kentucky. harrisburg, illinois was one of the hardest hit. the tornado hit just before 5:00 a.m. this morning. the mayor says despite the loss of life and property, his town will endure and he is "outfront" tonight. those images are stunning and disturbing. can you tell me when you found out about this? what you heard this morning when you woke up to this. >> well, actually this morning as the alarm was going off, sirens were going off about ten to 5:00, i woke up, got my family up. i went outside an was trying to assess where the tornado was coming at. you know, we had heard it was imminent and it was just a very eraerie feeling. the wind calmed, got very quiet and even during the sirens and you could hear the roar. immediately, the radio started going off saying the tornado was on the ground. just wreaking havoc on the southern part of the community and my son and i actually got in our -- in my vehicle and came out here and we were on the, we were here on the site within 20 minutes of the to
to your mom and get to the hospital? >> i live in indiana and i live about four hours away. i didn't get here until, i don't know, around noon yesterday. and i still haven't seen my mother, actually. she had already been taken to wherever she's at. she'd already been taken there, but i haven't seen her since i've been here yet. >> when you look at the scope of this damage. her home has literally been wiped off its foundation. >> there really aren't any words to describe. when i drove through town and i saw this yesterday, i just thought to myself, how terrifying. you know, i knew by that time that there were more people than just my mom that had perished. so, i wasn't just heart broken for my mom, you know, i was praying for everyone that had lost a loved one. i mean, this is just, you don't imagine something like this happening and hitting so close to your family. i mean, you see it on the news. you don't, you don't ever think it's going to happen to you. you really don't. >> did you get to the hospital in time to see your mom? >> oh, yes. of course, my wife being a nurse she got to act
to the region tomorrow. the greatest risk is in ohio and indiana, and down in kentucky and tennessee. twisters ripped through missouri, tennessee, illinois, and kansas yesterday, killing 13 people and leaving the picturese that summed it all up for us today, picturees of relief that a grbs of spared in harrisburg, illinois. realization that most everything you've worked for is gone. and reflection on how much life can change in an instant. dean reynolds is in bridgeway, illinois, tonight. dean. >> reporter: scott, it's taken us a couple of days of driving around and surveying the damage to get a real sense of the power of this tornado and how it chewed up just about everything it touched. bit by bit, piece by piece, they tried to bring some order out of the chaotic landscape. donald davis sifted the debris in what was left of his harrisburg home. >so the roof just david in, huh? >> no, the house exploded. >> reporter: just exploded? >> part of the house here and parts of the house in my basement, parts of the house here and parts of my house right back over here two blocks. it exploded yes, si
through the weekend. >> covering the nation this morning, elementary students in one indiana town will finally head back to school today. henryville student also attend school in a temporary location set up in nearby albeen ay. -- albany. midland high school students go back to school on april 2. today kids are being encouraged to kick butt. that's because it is kick butts day. a nationwide campaign to encourage tobacco-free kids. it hosts hundreds of events across the country. it is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. this marks the 17th annual kick butts day. >> senator barbara -- harry reid will lead off remarks with her nist the senate. she has been in congress since 1977. she won her senate seat in 1986. congratulations to her. >> 60 degrees on tv hill. we all know eating right is the best way to keep yourself healthy. how do you know the healthy food you choose is good for you? would you give someone your facebook password? it is becoming a trend. >> no, i wouldn't. >> more on tha>> when i get terrible congestion from my allergies, i power through with
was not inside when the roof blew over. >>> students in henryville indiana are preparing to head back to school. the superintendent says returning to class could return as early as next week. almost half of the town's school was destroyed in last week's tornado and officials are trying to sort out where students are going to go. >> i think it's good because i would rather be back in school than not be in school and doing nothing all day. >> hard part is before they can get back to the temporary locations the superintendent says they have to get inspections done before everyone can return to class. the fire marshal and health department have to look into it how quickly those things happen will depend on when school gets back in session. >> you are talking about the weather we have experienced lately. it was 70 yesterday and 70, 71 but it was so windy it was hard to enjoy knee got gust up to 40 miles an hour across-- >> we got gusts up to 40 miles an hour across some parts. the only difference is we will change the wind dreck from the southwest to the north -- direction from the southwest to the
imagine. well, the arizona jury, in fact one of them has convicted an indiana man of child abuse for forcing his three grandsons to make the grueling hike in the grand canyon last summer. 45-year-old christopher allen carlson forced boys, ages 8, 9 and 12 to make two hikes of more than 15 miles. the boys testified that carlson pushed, choked and kicked them during those hikes. >> coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," reversing obesity and diabetes through a new diet that controls your blood sugar. i'm betty nguyen, this is the "cbs morning news." nguyen, this is the "cbs morning news." ure now. [ female announcer ] discover the power of aveeno positively radiant. with total soy, it's clinically proven to visibly reduce past damage, while broad spectrum spf 30 helps prevent future damage. aveeno positively radiant. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. [ male annou
decker of henryville indiana, rushed home with her two children before the tornado hit on friday afternoon. as you can see here the house was no match for the storm. stephanie was inside the home lying on top of her children. while she lost parts of both of her legs everyone managed to make it out alive. >> i kind of looked outside to see, and i -- it was funny, i had a h iz ninky feeling that this was going to be a strong storm. >> i kept going back to the radar and looking at it at my desk, and i sent her a text message and i'm like it's heading straight at you. she sent me a text message back. that's when she said the whole house is shaking. >> everybody was screaming and crying. i was thinking oh my the house is getting ready to go. we're not going to be able to survive this. i was just trying to protect my kids and i grabbed them and i was. letting go. if they were going to fly, i was going to fly with them. it happened so quickly, the tornado. but the rest of it seemed like it felt like an eternity. >> there's not one place you can look and go if they
of thunderstorm developing out in this area. indiana, portions of kentucky, into ten sif as well and then it will move our way. now the national weather service looking at this area right here, severe storms prediction center put ougt a moderate risk of severe weather. it include as good possibility of at least a few tornadoes in that region. i'll let you know what it means for them and what it means for us. >> breaking news in southeast washington right now. this is a live look at benning road southeast where two people have been shot. police have shut down the 5000 block at h street. >> surveillance video captured scary moments as a car smashed into a dry cleaners in d.c. today. it happened this afternoon in fort lincoln. nobody was hurt but the crash caused considerable damage to the front of the building. it was the same dry cleaner involved in a lawsuit when a former judge sued for $54 million over that lost pair of pants. >> a victory of sorts tonight for fairfax county salsa. they recommended a delay in a amendment that would have limited the size of dance floors in certai
're talking about the same area that was hit yesterday. kentucky, illinois, indiana. parts of the ohio area and down through portions of tennessee a moderate risk. any time you see a moderate risk we're talking about a potential for tornadoes once again. this will be during the afternoon tomorrow. we are hoping they do not see a repeat of what we saw during the day yesterday. as far as our weather is concerned the same frontal boundary that is going to cause thunderstorms there will move our way and i think a good chance for some thunderstorms in our area overnight friday night into early saturday morning. right now i don't think the severe threat is quite there but we have to watch out for some stronger storms and we'll of course watch them for you here at nbc 4. by the end of the afternoon though we get out of here and we're looking at sunshine late in the day on saturday. that's not bad at all. as far as our next couple days go how about this evening? looking good. still a little bit on the cool side. you'll notice the temperatures dipping down. 57 to about 64 degrees. but just gorgeous
. the danger zonrom ohio, indiana and illinois down to mississippi, alabama and georgia. now tpaoeusing the possibilityas and violent twisters. in parts of kentucky and alabama they were not taking any chances. schools there closed early. we have team coverage for you now. we'll go to janice dean in a moment who predicted this days ago. first to craig boswell who is under a tornado warning in the town of harrisburg, illinois where debris is all over the ground there from three days ago. >> reporter: good evening, megyn. under that tornado warning with the debris field and awful the wind kick up, just before you came to us moments ago a portion of the structure, the strip mall where we've been for the past day and a half blew away from parts of the steal beam structure here. that's reason why they want to keep people away from the area they are keeping volunteers out of the area another indication of why they are doing that. this is what they are trying to keep people away from, the nails sticking up from all of the wood, all of the debris from buildings from homes from the hundred-plus
was ravaged by a tornado with wwnds of up to 170 peetucky, indiana, tennessee - and kansas. lumber... boats... and other &pdebris ripped from japanese coastal towns by tsunamis last year could wash ashhre on the west coast of the u-s as early as a ááeará from now.the debris has already spread across some 3-thousand miles &pnational oceanic and .tte atmmspheric administratioo estimated the first bits of psunami debris will make landfall soon on small islands northwest of hawaii. other pieces are expected to reach the coastt of oregon.. washington state... alaska and canada between march 2013 and march 2014. the grocery store meat counter wwll look a little shoppstarting today... it will - nutritioo labels on raw meat. the new rule affects aal ground meat and poultry... as breasts, pork chops, steaks - and lamb.the labels will include calories, protein, cholesterol and sodium. (((pat))) a prince georges county councilwoman got out of a big tickett... that anyone else áwouldá have gotten. she was onn the beltway going 115-miles per hour in a 55-mile zone. the offic
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